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  • SYBSA Annual Meeting & Elections will be held on October 29th!!.....      Nominate someone for the Executive Board or yourself for the Board of Directors!!!!
Join our Board!


During our 2020 Annual Meeting held Thursday, October 29, 2020, SYBSA will elect a new slate of Board of Directors (1-year term) and a new Executive Board (2-year term). Self-Nominations are open to all members and we encourage families to be involved in the direction of the organization for many years to come. Nominations can be sent to our current Secretary, David Tobey at dtobey@gmail.com.

The future success of our association rests with the individuals that serve our sport. We look for individuals to be understanding of our community and its needs, have passion for our sport, willingness to commit time for board meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, special events, a team player - works well in a group, and someone who listens well and is thoughtful in considering issues.

There are many benefits, responsibilities, general duties, and time commitments that come along with the Director or an Executive role. Please consider joining our call and Board.

If you have questions or possible interest in either role, come to an upcoming meeting or reach out to a current member of the Board of Directors or an Executive Officer, either on the field or via email!

posted 09/15/2020
Honoring our 12s

SYBSA has an annual tradition of gifting jackets and celebrating our 12-year-old players during opening day festivities. Unfortunately, with no spring season to honor them, we looked to celebrate our 12s in a different and unique way, while making sure everyone is "safe at home"...


posted 06/24/2020

SYBSA is pleased to announce that David Tobey has been elected as the new SYBSA Secretary. Congratulations David!

The following Executive Board members will remain the same:

  • President - Michael Berkley
  • VP Baseball - Kate Harrigan
  • VP Softball - Anna McNamera
  • Treasurer - Brad Payne

SYBSA would also like to thank Sharon Whitehead for giving her time and service to our organization in many different roles over the years! We look forward to seeing you around the fields when we get back to play!


posted 06/03/2020

posted 04/30/2020
2020 SYBSA Board


SYBSA is pleased to announce that Michael Berkley has been elected as the new SYBSA President. Congratulations Mike!

The following Executive Board members will remain the same:

  • VP Baseball - Kate Harrigan
  • VP Softball - Anna McNamera
  • Treasurer - Brad Payne
  • Secretary - Sharon Whitehead

The following individuals were voted in as members of the 2020 SYBSA Board of Directors:

Kate Harrigan, Brad Payne, Alan Westman, Suzanne Elwin, Anna McNamera, Sharon Whitehead, Jerry Wright, Dan Rabatsky, Mike Berkley, Joe Broughton, David Tobey, Rob Fried, David Dudek, Aaron Hertzel, Ben Thaler¸ Bill Traut, Doug Stamp¸ Kevin Collins, Frank Rich, David Newman and Thad LaVallee.

Welcome incoming Board of Directors! We’re all looking forward to working together to have a successful 2020 season!

posted 10/30/2019
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