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SYBSA Important Dates - 2021    
Please note that these are subject to change    
SYBSA Board Meetings - 7:00 PM - Zoom Meeting Room   Monthly, on the 3rd Thursday
SYBSA Annual Meeting   10/28/2021
Baseball Meeting(s) - 7:00PM - Zoom   TBA
Softball Meeting(s) - 7:00PM - Zoom   TBA
Spring Tryouts/Evaluations    
     Baseball - Dirt Dawgs 40 Industrial Drive, Canton, MA   TBA
     Softball   TBA
Tee-Ball Coaches Meeting   TBA
Baseball Coaches Meeting   TBA
Softball Coaches Meeting   4/17 @ 9 am - Ames
Equipment Pick Up    
Softball   4/17 @ 10-12pm - Ames
Practice Start Dates    
     Co-ed Tee Ball - PreK/K   May 2, 2021
     Baseball - AA & AAA   TBA
     Baseball - Minors and Majors   TBA
     Softball - 1st through 8th Grade   TBA
Field Clean-Up Days - Deborah Sampson & Ames   TBA
Opening Day Ceremony    
Baseball and Softball   5/1
Tee-Ball   5/2
SYBSA Carnival   TBA
Summer travel team tryouts   TBA
Softball Annual Skills Competition - Minor League   June 13, 2021
Softball Tournaments   TBA
Equipment Return   TBA
Fall Baseball Evaluations   TBA
Fall Baseball Season   TBA
Fall Fertilizer Day - Deborah Sampson & Ames   TBA