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2019 League Coordinators


Bill Traut


Brian Mannetta


Sharon Whitehead

Minor League

Kate Harrigan 

Little League – Major Division

Kate Harrigan 

Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division

Jerry Wright

Junior (60/90) League Baseball Division

Joe Broughton


League Rules


Thrown Bat Rule (this is a SYBSA rule; LL does not have a rule pertaining to thrown bats)
We all can agree that a thrown bat is a potentially dangerous action and something that we must work with our players to avoid.  Thrown bats are typically a completely unintentional occurrence but something we need to keep a close eye on for player (and umpire and coach!) safety. 
I reviewed this SYBSA rule (not a LL rule) with Moore Arnold, our Umpire in Chief, and we settled on the following clarification of the Thrown Bat rule. 
An umpire has the right to call a batter OUT if a bat thrown is considered dangerous. Umpire has discretion to warn batter if bat thrown is not considered dangerous. It is the coach's responsibility to warn all players before the game starts and the umpire's call can not protested.