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2023 Committees & Coordinators  

More volunteers make the experience better for our kids! If you see a committee for which you'd like to volunteer, please contact the SYBSA Executive Board or the committee chair.

SYBSA Executive Board Name
President Katie Levis (President@SYBSA.org)
VP Baseball Jerry Wright (VPBaseball@SYBSA.org)
VP Softball Ron Caggiano (VPSoftball@SYBSA.org)
Treasurer Steven Bonauto (Treasurer@SYBSA.org)
Secretary Lajos Kamocsay (Secretary@SYBSA.org)


SYBSA Committees Chair Members
Steering President Executive Board, Michael Berkley, Trish Fields, Emily Hewett, Erin Wilkinson
Website/Google Drive Adm. Mark Coughlin/David Tobey  
Sponsorships (Sponsor@SYBSA.org) Michael Berkley Laureen Westman, Kate Harrigan, Trish Fields
Opening Day Ceremony Kevin Collins Carrie Rainville-Collins, Alysha Lavatori, Tara Florio
Safety Officer (SafetyOfficer@SYBSA.org) Sean Muldowney  
Social Media/Website Content   Michael Berkley
Organizational Review Committee Lajos Kamocsay  
Scholarship (Scholarship@SYBSA.org) Michael Berkley Steve Bresnick, Joe Broughton, Chris Buffa, Aaron Hertzel
Photographer Ken Berman  
COVID Compliance Officer Matt Harma  
Field Proposal Committee Eric Tammaro & David Tobey

Eric Tammaro, Dan, Rabatsky, Kevin Collins, Alan Westman, Frank Rich, Andrew Poliferno, Heather Poliferno, David Tobey, Derek Lonzcak & Ron Caggiano.

Rec Liaison: SYBSA President

Umpire Training & Scheduling (SYBSAUmpireAssignors@gmail.com) Moore Arnold (Umpire-in-Chief)  
Equipment Rob Fried  


Softball Committees Chair Members
Steering VP of Softball  
Tournament Director Dan Rabatsky  
Ames Fields Maintenance David Carr  
Social Media    
Snack Shack Coordinator(s) Jean & Wilson Cho  
Co-Ed T-Ball (Pre-K & K) Coordinators (Spring)    
1st - 2nd Grade Coordinator (Spring)    
3rd - 5th Grade Coordinator (Spring)    
6th - 8th Grade Coordinator (Spring)    
Summer Coordinator(s)    
Fall Coordinator(s)    
Winter Coordinator(s)    


Baseball Committees Chair Members
Steering VP of Baseball  
Master Scheduler    
Snack Shack Coordinator(s) Trish Fields & Alysha Lavatori  
Uniforms Marie-Danielle Molina  
Father's Day Tournament Bruce Needle/Matt Conway  
Fall Coordinator(s)    
Winter Coordinator(s)    
Summer Coordinator(s)    
Deborah Sampson Fields Maintenance   Jim Zonghetti, Mike Sullivan, James Campisano
Big Diamond 60/90 Coordinator(s) David Newman  
Intermediate 50/70 Coordinator(s) Michael Berkley  
Player Agent    
Social Media Michael Berkley  
Co-Ed T-Ball (Pre-K & K) Coordinators (Spring)    
Pitch, Hit & Run Coordinator(s)  Kevin Collins   
Majors Division Coordinator(s) (Spring) Jerry Wright/Steve Bresnick  
Minors Division Coordinator(s) (Spring) Trish Fields  
AAA Division Coordinator(s) (Spring) Jerry Wright  
AA Division Coordinator(s) (Spring) Jerry Wright  
A Division Coordinator(s) (Spring) Jerry Wright  
Williamsport Coordinator(s)