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2020 Committees are listed below.  

More volunteers make the experience better for our kids.  If you see a committee for which you'd like to volunteer, please contact the SYBSA Executive Board or the committee chairperson.

SYBSA Committees Chair Members
Steering Michael Berkley Executive Board, Eric Tammaro, Alan Westman, Jeremy Haskins, Joe Broughton, Kevin Collins and Emily Hewett
Website Mark Coughlin/David Tobey  
Fund Raising Laureen Westman/Kate Harrigan  
Opening Weekend Beth Berkley & Carrie Rainville-Collins  
Safety Officer Ben Thaler  
Social Media/Website Content   Michael Berkley
Bylaws Michael Berkley Kate Harrigan, Jerry Wright and Dan Rabatsky
Scholarship Michael Berkley Brad Payne
Photographer Ken Berman  


Softball Committees Chair Members
Steering Anna Melnikov Michael Berkley, Emily Hewett, Eric Tammaro, Kevin Collins, Dan Rabatsky
Tournaments Dan Rabatsky  
Training Dan Rabatsky  
Fields Maintenance Brad Payne  
Social Media David Dudek  
Uniforms & Accessories  Anna Melnikov   
Snack Shack Coordinator(s)    
Equipment Siva Josyula   
Pre-K - 2nd Grade Coordinator  Emily Hewett   
3rd - 5th Grade Coordinator  Eric Tammaro  
6th - 8th Grade Coordinator  Kevin Collins  


Baseball Committees Chair Members
Steering Kate Harrigan  
Master Scheduler    
Equipment Rob Fried  
Uniforms Sharon Silverman  
Rules Frank Rich Aaron Hertzel, Jason Weiner
Father's Day Tournament Bruce Needle/Matt Conway  
Umpire Training & Scheduling Moore Arnold & Aiden Arnold  
Fall Coordinator(s)    
Winter Coordinator(s) Michael Berkley  
Summer Coordinator(s)    
Deborah Sampson Fields Maintenance Mike Polimer Jim Zonghetti, Mike Sullivan, James Campisano
Big Diamond 60/90 Coordinator(s) Joe Broughton  
Intermediate 50/70 Coordinator(s) Jerry Wright III  
Player Agent Joe Broughton  
Social Media Michael Berkley  
T-Ball Coordinator(s) David Merritt  
Pitch, Hit & Run Coordinator(s)    
Majors Division Coordinator(s) Aaron Hertzel  
Minors Division Coordinator(s) Jason Weiner  
AAA Division Coordinator(s)    
Williamsport Coordinator(s)