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The SYBSA Board is comprised solely of volunteers giving their time to keep SYBSA true to its mission. We meet monthly. Board meetings are opened and meeting dates and times are posted on the web site.

 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Position Board Member Email
President Michael Berkley
Vice President - Softball Anna McNamera VPSoftball@sybsa.org
Vice President - Baseball Kate Harrigan
Treasurer Brad Payne reasurer@sybsa.org
Secretary Sharon Whitehead ecretary@sybsa.org
Safety Officer Ben Thaler
Director Joe Broughton
Director Thad Lavallee
Director Dave Dudek
Director David Newman
Director Frank Rich
Director Aaron Hertzel
Director Kevin Collins
Director Doug Stamp
Director Bill Traut
Director Suzanne Elwin kelwin@gmail.com
Director Dan Rabatsky
Director Rob Fried
Director Glen Silverman
Director David Tobey
Director Alan Westman
Director Jerry Wright II