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Get ready for big smiles and help create a lasting memory of this season’s team!
  • All SYBSA players will receive a FREE team photo and have the option of ordering individual player photographs!
  • Please bring COMPLETED order forms with you to the fields (The form is located under the "Documents" tab). Only those players interested in ordering individual photos need to fill out a form.
  • Please stay around after the cermony to ensure you are part of the TEAM photo!
Baseball & Softball Opening Day Ceremony: April 30, 2022
Rain Date: May 1, 2022
Location: Deb Sampson Field B
Team Photo Schedule:
3:30pm – Majors (BB) and Seniors (SB) Team Photos
1) Firebirds 2Pelicans 3) Thrashers 4) Phillies 5) Mets 6) Nationals, 7) Marlins
5pm – All other team pictures and individual photos are taken in the order listed below:
Baseball AAA: 1) Aviators, 2) Bulls, 3) Grasshoppers, 4) Iron Birds, 5) Lugnuts and 6) River Bandits
Softball Minors: 1) Lightning & 2) Storm 
Baseball Minors: 1) Cyclones, 2) Hammerheads, 3) Iron Pigs and 4) Stripers
Softball Majors: 1) Falcons, 2), Penguins and 3) Skyhawks
Baseball 50/70
Baseball 60/90
Tee-Ball Opening Day Ceremony: May 1, 2022
Rain Date: May 8, 2022
Location: Deb Sampson Field D & E
Team Photo Schedule:
As teams rotate through their first day of Tee Ball, teams will be pulled for pictures.
Starting 12:15pm: Red Sox Blue - D4
Red Sox Red - D4
Red Sox Green - D4
Red Sox White - D4
Red Sox Grey - D4
Red Sox Blue - E5
Red Sox Red - E5
Red Sox Green - E5
Red Sox White - E5
Red Sox Grey - E5