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Become a SYBSA Umpire!  
Attend the FREE umpire training sessions starting soon!  This Umpire course is offered to students in 7th and 8th grade (or above) who would like to umpire SYBSA baseball and softball games. Register now and be officiating games as soon as this coming spring season! 

REGISTRATION for the Umpire Class for 2021 is now OPEN and FREE. 
Register by filling out this formUmpire Registration

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be given an opportunity to umpire baseball and/or softball games played at Deborah Sampson and Ames Street fields. Youth umpires are paid by SYBSA for each game officiated.   
This year we will hold virtual/zoom classes on Tuesday evenings from 5-6:15 pmClasses will begin on Feb. 9 and run through April 6th. In addition to these class sessions, two outdoor sessions will be held in early April at Deborah Sampson fields (day and time will depend on the weather). 
All questions about this class should be directed to Moore and Aidan Arnold ( ).