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SYBSA Organization Opportunities
Coaching Coordinator - 
  • Represents coaches/managers in league to implement a league-wide training program
  • Prepare a coach/manager training budget for the board
  • Orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches, and managers
  • Coordinates mini-clinics as necessary
  • Helps implement https://www.littleleague.org/coaches/ as the manager-coach education program for the league.
Volunteer Chair 
  • Responsible for recruitment of volunteers to assist with league operations
  • Coordinates with SYBSA officials to fill volunteer needs
  • Coordinate with Safety manager to ensure all volunteers have completed required background checks and safety requirements
Social Media/Website Content – Coordinate with individual leagues, manage SYBSA social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Also update content on website as needed. 
If interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact Michael Berkley, President@SYBSA.org

Baseball League Opportunities
Pitch, Hit & Run Coordinator(s) – Plans and executes the Hit, Run & Pitch Derby during Spring Season. (www.pitchhitrun.com)
Division Coordinators (AAA) – Primary role is to help facilitate communication among coaches, support coaches in providing consistent communication to parents & be a point person for coaches and parents for the division. Coordinators will automatically also part of Rules Committee.
Master Scheduler – Working with Division Coordinators to update games and practices on website.  
Summer Coordinator(s) – Determines appropriate league with VP of Baseball, liaison with Summer League contacts, identifies coaches, helps to create teams and creates/oversees schedule. 
Fall Coordinator(s) – Liaison with Fall League Contacts, identifies coaches, creates teams, creates/oversees schedule and works with facilities/fields management coordinator. 
Williamsport Coordinator(s) – Help to plan Sharon's participation in LLWS; coordinates with several other coordinators; I.e., Uniforms, facilities, etc... Attend District LLWS Meetings and handles paperwork filings and registration for players, working closely with Player Agent and VP of Baseball.
Snack Shack Staffing – There are always opportunities to help out at the snack shack during the regular season, playoffs and if we host any tournaments.
If interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact VPBaseball@SYBSA.org

Softball League Opportunities
Skills Day Volunteers – Assisting in Skills day; running drills and day-of preperations.
Social Media – Work with organization coordinator using SYBSA platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, post softball content throughout the year. 
Uniforms & Accessories – Ordering uniforms and accessories for teams 
Snack Shack Staffing/Coordinator – Organizing and recruiting staff for the snack shack during tournaments.
If interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact VPSoftball@SYBSA.org