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Opening Day Ceremony: Saturday, May 1st
Location: Deb Sampson Field B
Rain Date: 5/8
Group A 
Baseball AAA & Softball Minor League
Arrival Time - 1:45pm
Ceremony start time - 2:00pm
Group B 
Baseball Minors & Softball Major League
Arrival Time - 3:15pm 
Ceremony Start time - 3:30pm
Group C 
Baseball Majors, 50/70, 60/90 & Softball Senior League
Arrival Time - 4:45pm
Ceremony Start time - 5:00pm

Following Group C Opening Day Ceremony:

The Marlins will play the Mets (Baseball - Major League) on Field B

The Herons will play the Cardinals (Softball - Senior League) on Field A


Tee-Ball Opening Day Ceremony: Sunday, May 2nd
Location: Deb Sampson Field D
Rain Date: 5/9
Arrival Time - 12:30pm
Ceremony Start time - 12:45pm