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SYBSA 2022 Spring Baseball Season Divisions

Registration closes for Baseball on Fri., 2/18 at Midnight.

Registration closes for Tball on Mon., 4/1 at Midnight.

SYBSA believes in placing each individual league participant in a program/division that is most appropriate for their skill level and age. All players will be assigned to a league division/program that meets their needs.

League  Name

Approximate Age/Grade Range Evaluations Required?
T-Ball - PreK/K

4-5 YOs

born 09/01/2016-08/31/2018




born 9/1/2013-8/31/2016




Typically LL 9-11 YO

Typically 3rd-5th grade




Typically LL 10-12 YO

Typically 4th-6th grade





Intermediate Diamond

13 YO

Typiclly 7th grade





Big Diamond


Typically 8th & 9th grade





Each season, ALL players who are 9YO and above need to be evaluated to be properly placed in an appropriate League.  Evaluations are tentatveily scheduled at Dirt Dawgs in Canton for February 28th and March 1st.  ALL players age 9-15 (see LL Ages listed above, or visit the 2022 Little League Age Calendar) should attend at least one of these evaluations. More details will be shared in early February about evaluations.

Other things to note:

  1. All 12-year-olds will automatically be in the Majors division. However, if we have evaluations, they are still encouraged to attend so we can make the best decisions as we draft teams.
  2. All other roster slots on teams are based on a draft of eligible players. 
Covid Information
Please visit the Covid Information tab on our website for more information about our protocols, safety positions, and FAQs.

Co-ed (Boys & Girls) Tee Ball (Pre-K & K) (players born 09/01/2016-08/31/2018 are eligible for T-ball)

The primary goals of Tee Ball are to instruct children in the fundamentals of the sport and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. The time is spent on teaching and will focus on fun, fitness, and fundamentals. With player engagement in mind, we try to keep kids in small groups as they transfer between hitting, fielding, throwing, and running stations. 
Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved as managers or coaches, or volunteer in a variety of other capacities, assuring a great experience for all players. Consider signing up to volunteer! It will be the best decision you make; coaching at this age is so much fun!
No live player pitching is permitted in this division; over the course of the spring season, this age group may transition to coach pitch.
The league will run from 5/1 through 6/5, on Sundays from 1-2 pm at Deb Sampson. If two or more sessions are canceled in May, we will add a Friday evening make-up session on 5/27 and/or 6/3. There will be no Tee ball on 5/29 (Memorial Day).

Triple A (AAA) League  (6-8YOs - DOB: 9/1/2013-8/31/2016)  

AAA League is the beginning of competitive baseball for kids. Our mission is to teach sound baseball fundamentals and instill a love of the game. League games are coach-pitched, with modified rules that favor fast-moving games that fully engage young players. Teams meet 3 times per week for games and practices throughout the spring. Teams have a combination of practices and games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Practice/game schedules will be available in early April.

Minor League (9-11YOs - DOB: 9/1/2010-8/31/2013)

Minors is a competitive league where more advanced baseball skills are explored. Scores and standings are kept and many great friendships begin here. Coaches focus on specific position play, pitching effectiveness, and hitting strategies. Teams have practices and games on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. In addition, there are a few Friday Night Spotlight games scheduled to give teams and players the opportunity to play in front of their families, friends, and the larger Sharon community! Team assignments will be released in March following evaluations and practice/game schedules in early April.

Major League (10-12 YOs - DOB: 9/1/2009-8/31/2012)

SYBSA’s most competitive league for players through age 12 who perform at the top of their game. This league features a limited number of spots and teams, with excellent strategic play opportunities for the serious player. Teams have practices and games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Team assignments will be released in March following evaluations and practice/game schedules in early April.


Intermediate League, 50/70 Division (13 YOs, DOB: 9/1/2008-8/31/2009)

This division bridges the transition from Little League sized field (46/60) to the full-sized 60/90 field. The  Intermediate League features a pitching distance of 50 feet and base paths of 70 feet.  It is a league primarily for 13 year-olds whose advanced skills permit rules that are closer to conventional baseball including leading off bases, pickoff attempts, and stealing at any time. Beginning in 2021, Field A at Deb Sampson is being converted to a 50/70 diamond.  As we get closer to spring we will share with Intermediate League families when this field will be available; until that time, games will likely be played in neighboring towns. Practices and game days vary throughout the week. Team assignments will be released in March Following evaluations and practice/game schedules in early April.


Junior League, 60/90 Division (14-15 YOs, DOB: 9/1/2006-8/31/2008)

The Junior League 60/90 Division is a program for 14-15 year olds, using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet. The 60/90 Division prepares players for high school baseball on the larger diamond. Practices and game days vary throughout the week.