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The complete tournament schedule is available on the Master Schedule page.  Each age group's schedule is listed below.


Date Time Field Teams (1st team = home team)
Thursday 6PM E Millis (0) vs Raynham 2 (13)
Friday 6PM B Sharon (1) vs Milford (15)
Saturday 8AM A Northbridge (6) vs Mansfield (11)
  8AM C Raynham 2 (8) vs Plainville (4)
  8AM E Raynham 1 (12) vs Sharon (7)
  10AM B Milford (2) vs Millis (5)
  10AM C Mansfield (17) vs Raynham 1 (7)
  10AM E Plainville (14) vs Northbridge (4)
  2PM D Raynham 2 vs Sharon
  2PM E Plainville vs Millis
  4PM D Mansfield vs Northbridge
  4PM E Milford vs Raynham 1
Sunday 12PM D Raynham 2 vs Plainville
  12PM E Mansfield vs Milford
  4:30PM E Final



Date Time Field Teams (1st team = home team)
Thursday 6PM D Dedham (0) vs Lincoln (15)
Friday 6PM C Millis (0) vs Westport (13)
  6PM D Sharon (1) vs Dedham (13)
  6PM E Mendon (0) vs Uxbridge (7)
Saturday 8AM D Westport (8) vs Sharon (6)
  10AM D Northbridge (4) vs Douglas (3)
  12PM D Uxbridge (8) vs Milford (9)
  12PM E Lincoln (15) vs Northbridge (0)
  2PM C Milford (21) vs Millis (2)
  4PM C Douglas vs Mendon
  6PM D Play in
  6PM E Play in
Sunday 8AM D Milford vs Dedham
  10AM C Uxbridge vs Mendon
  10AM D Lincoln vs Sharon
  10AM E Westport vs Northbridge
  2:15PM D (Uxbridge or Mendon) vs (Lincoln or Sharon)
  2:15PM E Milford vs (Westport or Northbridge)
  4:30PM D Final



Date Time Field Teams (1st team = home team)
Friday 8PM A Mansfield (5) vs Raynham (4)
  8PM B Sharon (0) vs Lincoln (15)
Saturday 10AM A Franklin (15) vs Uxbridge (0)
  12PM B Raynham (19) vs Sharon (1)
  12PM C Lincoln (7) vs Franklin (3)
  6PM A Uxbridge vs Mansfield
Sunday 8AM A Franklin vs Uxbridge
  8AM B Raynham vs Sharon
  12PM A Lincoln vs (Franklin or Uxbridge)
  12PM B Mansfield vs (Raynham or Sharon)
  4:30PM A Final



Date Time Field Teams (1st team = home team)
Thursday 7PM A Millis (0) vs Franklin (15)
  7PM B Sharon (0) vs Burrillville (4)
Friday 6PM A Franklin (3) vs Lincoln (10)
Saturday 8AM B Sharon (9) vs Millis (3)
  12PM A Mansfield (4) vs Lincoln (13)
  2PM B Burrillville (4) vs Mansfield (5)
Sunday 10AM A Franklin vs Mansfield
  10AM B Sharon vs Millis
  2:15PM A Lincoln vs (Franklin or Mansfield)
  2:15PM B Burrillville vs (Sharon or Millis)
  4:30PM B Final