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Reminder clinic tonight 5:15
by posted 09/29/2022

Reminder to be at the field for 5:15 pm tonight's clinic. Please let me know if you cannot be there. katie.levis@gmail.com

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Thursday Pitching clinic
by posted 09/28/2022

The pitching clinic will start at 5:15 pm tomorrow due to the early sunset. Sammi will start promptly at 5:30 with the lesson so we can get the clinic done in time.  - Katie

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No Pitching clinic 9/22
by posted 09/21/2022

Just a reminder there is no clinic on Thursday 9/22 Sammi is traveling for work. -Coach Katie

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Softball pitching outline
by posted 09/21/2022


I would like to share some resources for your softball pitchers. 

Sammi uses Jennie Finch as an example, this video has great tips. Safety is key we do not want to hurt ourselves. Torque and posture are important!


Catchers view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhvSarZ9_1c

15 min

Arrive and begin warming up, overhand throwing (yes, come early)


Wrist snaps

  • Toes on the power line
  • Only use your wrist
  • Follow through to left shoulder for righties and right shoulder for lefties
  • Fingers straight to the ground for proper spin

15 min


  • Toes on power line
  • Start with arm in K position, hold there for ~1-2 secs before beginning
  • Still incorporate wrist snap and follow through

15 min

Knee Drill – Full Circle

  • Knee on power line
  • Knee and shoulder should be stacked on top of each other
  • Both hands pointed towards catcher to begin
  • Start with shoulders “closed” and get into K with “open” shoulders and finish with shoulders “closed”

15 min

Full Pitch

  • Remember everything above
  • Follow through and getting into K are biggest thing
  • Push off with legs

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