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Change Team: 
Goal #1 Reached - Divison Champions!
by posted 05/27/2022

Before the game last night, we discussed that one of our season goals was within sight, winning the division and being the number one seed in the playoffs. With that opportunity in front of us, everyone was excited but able to stay focused and the team had another nice effort last night.
The bottom half of the order really came up big for us with timely hits with men on base, we had some great defense and again, our strong pitching helped us secure the win. After the game, everyone was excited about reaching our first goal, but even with winning, we were able to talk about some room for improvement which we’ll work on next week.
Next week we’ll have our last game of the regular season against the Phillies on Tuesday night and practice on Thursday. Practice on Thursday will be a bit longer as we need to run team try-outs for the SYBSA Annual Pitch, Hit and Run competition – more details to follow on that.
No baseball activities this weekend!! Have a great long weekend!

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Practice Tonight & Playoff Information
by posted 05/24/2022

Another nice effort on Sunday night by the team, they seem to be on a roll and getting hot at the right time. Hopefully you saw some of the sliding we worked on the previous week. As a coach, it’s always a proud moment to see kids applying lessons from practice into games!
Tonight, we have a practice on Field A at 5:45pm. We only have two games left in the season, 5/26 (Nationals) and 5/31 (Phillies), hard to believe it’s going by so quickly! We’re in a good spot to reach one of our seasonal goals, winning the division.
I’ve had a few parents ask about playoffs. We do a double elimination playoff with a one game championship. Right now, we’ll be playing on Sunday - 6/5* and Tuesday - 6/7**.
*Because of SHS graduation, we are looking to push back this start time to either 6:15, or 6:30.
**Each elementary school has their band performance on this night, we are looking to move it, most likely to 6/8.
A lot can happen with these two games, if we win them both, we play again on 6/12, we lose them both, we’re done for the season, if we split them, most likely must play on 6/9 or 6/10. And if it rains… we’ll, I don’t want to go down that path. Obviously, it’s best we take care of business in the first two games to make everything easier!
Over the years, I have told parents to try and be flexible, ready to go that entire week. As more information becomes available, I’ll pass it along, or our schedule will get updated online. If you haven’t told me about a potential conflict that week, please do.
See everyone tonight!

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Mets on Sunday...
by posted 05/20/2022

Nice team effort again last night… It was a close game for a while and then we got a lot of production from the bottom of the order and when that happens, you’ll see us put up a lot of runs like we did last night.
Most games will be close like that down the stretch as we come to then end of the season. All the teams are starting to “click” a bit more then they did in April. We should have some good games coming up!
The team is engaged each inning and focused throughout the game. They do a great job recalling what they learned in practices – strike zone, plate discipline, base running, situational defense. It’s really a great group of kids who pick each other up during the game and cheer each other on – it’s great to see that kind of sportsmanship.
Sunday, we play the Mets on Field B at 5:45pm, I’ll be at the cages at 4:30pm for early hitting. Even with the late start time, it should still be hot out, please make sure you child has a water bottle, the snack shack will be open for extra waters for sale if needed.
Also, please remember the carnival is still at Deb Sampson on Sunday so plan accordingly.
Have a good weekend, stay cool/hydrated and see everyone on Sunday!

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by posted 05/19/2022

Coach Thad really needs a shave!!

Tonight, we play the Phillies on Field B, I’ll be at the batting cages around 4:30pm for early hitting, please have your player arrive no later the 5:15pm so they can properly warm-up. If you haven’t heard, the carnival is in town! Parking will be a challenge, please plan ahead if you can.

Tuesday night was another great practice. We worked on pop-up sliding, hopefully we’ll see a bunch of it tonight! We also worked on how we run all the bases, ether from the batter’s box to first, or going from first to third and how we use our coaches at either base for assistance with decision making. Lastly, we practiced our runner on third base scenarios – this is a little tougher concept for kids at this age but planting that seed now will help it grow in the future.

We should have said this at practice, and we’ll remind the players tonight. We don’t expect them to get all these strategies or game play scenarios at once. Most likely they will continue to play how they have been playing, but once they have that “ah-ha” moment and see it on the field, that’s when it’ll click and stay with them.

See everyone tonight!

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Welcome back!
by posted 04/25/2022

Welcome back everyone!
The first week of spring baseball is officially here and we have a great week ahead! Tuesday and Thursday we have practice from 5:45pm-7:30pm and our first game is this Saturday night after the Opening Day Ceremony! This week, we’ll focus on fielding, base running and hitting - hopefully the weather cooperates!
For Saturday, our team should arrive at Deb Sampson at 3:15pm in uniform for pictures. SYBSA will be purchasing team photos for each player, however, if you want an individual photo, you can find the order form on our website or HERE. I should be getting our hats and shirts this week too!
The Ceremony starts at 4:15pm and ends around 5pm. At that point, I would recommend players grab a bite to eat. At 5:20pm we’ll meet at the Batting cages and start our pre-game warm-ups for the first pitch at 6pm.
Everyone has been great about using the RSVPs to confirm attendance, thank you! And if you are in a pinch, please don’t hesitate to reach out about carpooling with a coach or other family.
See everyone on Tuesday night!

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SYBSA “Spring Training”
by posted 04/10/2022

We’re entering the last week of SYBSA “Spring Training”. This week there is an optional Tuesday night practice at DS, 5:45pm-7pm, and then our last session at TJO on Wednesday night from 5:30pm-7pm. After practice on Wednesday, we’ll take the team to Pizza Market and parents can pick up from there, around 7:45-8pm.
We’ve had a good few practices, each one, better than the one before. This is one of our team goals that we talked about - getting better each time we take the field. Even over 2-3 practices, the players are picking up our small coaching tips for dramatic changes. It will be nice to see where these kids finish the season compared to how they start.
There is nothing scheduled for April vacation, but I’ll be around, and I’ll let families know when I’m planning to head down to the field – anyone around can get some extra swings in.
The schedule for the season should be coming out soon. I believe our first game will be on April 30th, Saturday night, after Opening Day Ceremony.
Please remember to RSVP and I’m looking forward to another good week of practice.

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