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U10 Summer League Rules

2019 Summer League Rules


  • 5 runs per inning, no continuation except in the final inning where there are unlimited runs allowed. The managers and umpire prior to the start of that inning must declare last inning prior to the start of that inning then the 5 run limit is waived.
  • If the final inning does not finish due to any circumstances, the game will revert back to the score of the previous inning and will end.
  • Regular season: extra innings will be allowed if it fits into the time allotted for the game.
  • Playoffs: A full 6 innings must be completed for all playoff games even if you have to complete it the next day. If this occurs, all pitching rules for that game (both days) will be looked at as a “same day” game.
  • 10 players may play in the field however the 4 outfielders must play across the outfield; there is no "short" outfield position.
  • All players must play a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs in the field.
  • Free Substitution: Players may be moved in and out of the field positions at will, except for the pitcher. Once removed as a pitcher, a player may NOT pitch again in that game but may play any other position in the field.
  • Stealing: unlimited stealing and advancement on overthrows and passed balls but having to stop at third base (can continue home only if it is a continuous play originating from a batted ball)
  • Stealing home: one (1) “successful” steal of home per inning is allowed.
  • Bunting is allowed
  • No infield fly rule
  • Tagging up is allowed. Tagging up from 3rddoes not count as a steal of home for the inning. 
  • Pitching limited to 3 innings per game, no back to back days, and 6 innings per week (weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday).  Pitching automatically resets when the play-offs begin and innings pitched will increase to 8 innings max for the playoff week only.
  • Unlimited visits to the mound by coach/manager, however if said visits are becoming disruptive to the game, the other manager can ask for a side bar with ump and other manger to encourage manager to remove pitcher, the ump will have final say that if excessive visiting slow the game, then a warning can be issued, that next visit will result in removal of pitcher. 
  • No Slaughter rule in the Regular season. Our intent is to let the teams finish their games, unless the losing Manager concedes the game or the Umpire calls the game due to darkness or weather related safety issues.  The League directorship reserves the right to reinstall a slaughter rule for the play-offs.
  • Ball is dead when pitcher has the ball and has one foot on the mound, continuation of the on-going play to be determined by the umpire.
  • No contact: slide or avoid contact. If no contact is made, no penalty, the ball must cross plate before you can steal, no leading.
  • No intentional contact with the catcher (we take this rule very seriously) Managers DO NOThave your catchers block access to the Plate without the ball. If we get feedback that this is happening a more detailed rule will be instituted to avoid injuries.

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